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This Pay period been ***.Usually my direct deposit is 1-2 days early.

But this pay period nothing at all. My normal pay day is on every other Friday. So when I woke up on Thursday. To head to work.

I checked my Rush Card balance. Because I knew my car needed gas to make to work. Not only is my Direct Deposit not there. But my remaining balance has disappeared.

$0.00 as it read. I called customer service immediately. Because this will cause me to be late for work. No gas,no money.

I sat on the phone for 45 minutes the first time I called. And the next 6 times, pretty much the same time. Only the last call I was able to get through to someone. And that's because I lied and pushed the button for "NEW CUSTOMER".

And they answer immediately. When I asked where's my direct deposit, they said. Because they having update issues and computer outages al over. My early deposit wont be available until my normal payday.

I told them. Ok I can live with that. But next question is where's the money I already had on my account. He's answer "on hold" and that there's nothing he can do but send a release request.

This is a messed up situation. Luckily I made it to work real late. After borrowing money from a friend. That I told id pay back Friday my normal payday.

Well Friday came an gone. Still not a dime. Now

I'm stuck telling a friend that my pay check didn't come on my payday. Now how crazy does that sound.

This is embarrassing an out of line. they need to reimburse me for this . I lost wages and probably a friend. And I'm sure there collecting interest on my money there holding.

Why do I need go without and it's there fault.

Not right.Keith

keithalex wrote the review because of "holding people money" at Rushcard. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $25 and wants Rushcard to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Looks like we are two of many that are experiencing this issue...shm

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