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Update by user Oct 16, 2015

It is now 7am on my payday, my direct deposit is STILL NOT THERE! The FB post by Russell sais people that are supposed to get paid on a certain day would, but it would not be early.

Well, that is a lie! My dd is NOT there. I will get my check stub at work today, but I will still not have any money.

Where to we go from here? I pvt msg rush card of FB and nothing.

Original review posted by user Oct 14, 2015

My direct deposit has not shown up yet, over 24 hours later than normal and I get my direct deposit every Tuesday for over a year now. Then I made a cash load of $300 at a money gram location in wal mart that has not showed up and that was six hours ago.

No one will answer the customer service phone, it just hangs up on me and wal mart will NOT give me my cash back.

Rush has over $600 of my money and I can't even put gas in my car! This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed immediately or at least answer the phones and tell us what is going on with our money

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. angelroman is quite happy with early deposit and stated that there is a room for improvement of bad very bad customer service and new update. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "my money not available to me" of rushcard direct deposit and associated monetary loss in the amount of $650. Rushcard needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #1266174

I still have recived my check 2 day i was sopposed to got it this morning im very furstrated an mad my bills r due an need food i called they said they dont see nothing posted but i gt my check every other thursday im still waiting


Ridiculous!!!! Rush card didn't deposit my money on time, then when I finally got my deposit, paid one bill, which gave me a balance of 457.

By the time I dialed the finance company for my car payment and got a rep on the phone, My balance went to 0! The app doesn't say where it went. Still no response from customer service, they won't even answer the phone!

I am contacting an attorney and suing the *** out of rushcard for stealing my money and not even having the decency to answer the phone. Im done.


I really need my money this awful if I dont have it tomorrow im switching to netspend


Call me now am getting put out of my house


My direct deposit still hasn't shown I need my money !!!!!!

to Anonymous #1048414

Yea, I know, I need mine too. I don't think I have enough gas to make it to work in the morning, this is ridiculous.

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