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Please call 646-679-4928 to speak with a live agent. I just spoke with someone, he assured me the deposit posting issue will be resolved later today.

The rep I spoke with couldn't give an exact time, just later today. My pay day is the 15th, should have had access to my funds the 13th - nothing. The website, was sporadically operating, the mobile app was doing the same, but not as bad. This has caused an issue as far as paying bills, and being able to feed my family.

We count on the banks doing what they are to do, and that is to deposit our money. I will be calling back to confirm this issue will indeed be resolved today.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. frustatedRushCardCust stated that there is a room for improvement of no one available in customer service and no one is answering the phones to reassure us as consumers. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of rushcard direct deposit and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1300. Rushcard needs to "deposit my funds" according to poster's claims.

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the customer service is horendous


I forgot my user name and password how do I get another one


I need help asap...can someone HELP me im getting angry


Can’t get anyone to answer customers service number... refund deposit in account but won’t allow me to activate my card stating inaccurate account when putting last 4 digit social in .......as anyone I need my money can someone please assist or answer the phone!!!!


My tax refund hasn't been deposited into my account and Hand R Block said it was sent to the bank what us the problem here.


I need my acct info


Daryl A Berry Sr,i just deposit $25 to card ending in4712 but it sayin my balance is just $13.10Wht was taken out


I sent in a change of address document. They told me that I had to resend it.

In the meanwhile my money is being taken.

The maintenance fee. I will never use this card once, I have my money.


Need to talk to a live person this is the b.s


I begin trying to reach customer care for 3days. No response. Soon as i get a chance i changing cards.


Hi. I would like you to please stop sending me info on a Lawrence Brewer.

Last our of his card is 9177 I believe. Or the phone number that is associate with that account is 312 721 2601.

This is not his number anymore. So please take this number off.


I need to talk to a live person I need help


Can you help me with this problem?


I have forgot my password how can I reset the username and password .


need help and to talk to a live person please


To speak with a live customer service representative 00000


Need to talk to some one live


Need to talk to alive person


I need to talk to a customer representative and it won't let me what's the number so I can talk to a live agent

to Shannon #1384233

Press 0 five times

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