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Need to get a new card

I need a new card the one I wash it with my clothes and the gray part is no good


Can I use my routing and account number for a monthly ach payment?


how do i do an ach deposit to card

Do an ach deposit without havung to use a picture of check and without linkng bank account paypal


Can anything be garnished from the rushcard

Can like child support be garnished off the rushcard


I would like to know if my rushcard can be garnished like a bank acount?


How to change my phone number for my mobile account?

Old phone number was 864 207 3574 new number is 864 952 6756


Why I didn't get the twenty five dollars after I funded my account?

In the promotion it said I would get the first twenty five when I funded my account, but I haven't received it.


I was denied my dispute transactions

Okay first of all my niece and her friend came out here to visit because I've been sick lately so you got to work has been really loved taking back so I do need the help okay her friend summer curbow Macy's at my wallet and other items okay I'm baking information and I heard that she got busted in Fontana California but what I thought I did receive the forms I filled them out and I heard that she got busted in Fontana California but what I thought I did receive the forms I filled them out along the way but that supervisor treated me today was very uncalled for he telling me it was my father should have kept them or whatever but the way he went about it was like and if I don't hear a reply from you guys I will keep going higher and higher because not only did that for me in the bar with my kids


I need my blance and when my monnie wiil be on my card


Can I mail a Federal Income tax to be deposited into my Checking account I will sign back of check

I have a check that I wanted to be direct deposited into my rush card prepaid account. it is refund income tax check dated 03-24-17. name on check is GLORY ROBIN DIANE PORTER ADDRESS 73 IRELAND PL AMITYVILLE, NY 11701 2955 CHECKING ACCOUNT IS 7874278116260100 ROUTING NUMBER 073972181 LAST 4 DIGITS OF PREPAID RUSH CARD IS 8049 SSN 093-60-1734 AMOUNT OF CHECK IS $468.34 I WILL SIGN THE BACK AND MAIL CHECK TO BE DEPOSITED