I have been trying to get a cash advance for $2,260 to secure my damn apartment and it won't allow the tellers to do the cash advance, as it's been declined 3 times by 3 different banks. I try the ATM in desperation for $500 to we if I can just do it that way, but that was declined too.

I finally speak to someone, for the 3rd time, now I'm irate because it shouldn't be this hard to get your own money. This person is gonna tell me that the transaction was debited due to suspected fraud! Ok...but if I reached out you on 3 different occasions now, asking why it's being declined, clearly it's not fraud. You can't even talk to someone on the chat before you log into your account!

Seriously, but them tells me that I have to send them documents, my driver license, and a bull with my name and address on it to verify that it's me! Are you *** serious?! I have had rushcard since 2007 and have never had these kinds of issues! This will bee the last time rushcard gets any business from me.

I have 4 card with rushcard and this is absolutely unacceptable and very unprofessional for a financial institution. Very poor customer service as well!

And why can't I speak to a damn supervisor about what's going on?! UNACCEPTABLE!!

User's recommendation: Don't bother!! Go to a black owed bank, and not russell simmons either. They under Green dot now anyway.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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